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Jewish Culture in the making


Photo: David Krantz


Alexander Freudenthal was born in 1971 into a musical, Jewish home. Since an early age he has been involved in exploring and combining these two worlds, the musical and the Jewish. During his late teens he was playing klezmer clarinet at too many Bar Mitzvahs to remember and pursuing studies in architecture, biblical hebrew, acting, history, Jewish philosophy and basically anything that came in his way. During the 90's he was honing his skills as an arranger, mainly working with swedish student orchestras. In 1999 he formed the Freudenthal Yiddish Big Band in an attempt to combine the worlds of yiddish folk music and big band jazz.  In the fall of 2006 Freudenthal composed a concerto for Cello and Yiddish Big Band which was performed in the Great Synagogue of Stockholm.

Since 2009 the Freudenthal Yiddish Orchestra (FYO) has served as a project based ensemble for his larger works. This Orchestra continues in the tradition of the Freudenthal Yiddish Big Band.  In 2013 the Concerto for Adam and Yiddish Orchestra, featuring eminent Swedish jazz pianist Adam Forkelid, had it's premier at Nalen in Stockholm. In december of 2017 Swedish national radio recorded and broadcasted "Klezmer Kristmas with the Freudenthal Yiddish Orchestra". 

Besides the FYO, Freudenthal has recieved several comissions from the Jewish Museum in Stockholm for compositions as part of their exhibits, these include works on Kabbalah, Nobel laureate Nelly Sachs and architect Josef Frank.

Alexander also explores the jazz and klezmer worlds in the smaller ensembles Freudenthal Klezmer Band and Freudenthal Yiddish Group.


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